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Hiring a Freelance Writer

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have fresh content on your website’s blog. Ranking in search engines depends on new content consistently, whether that’s weekly or monthly. Aside from search engine ranking, you want a site that appeals to your customers. You want them to see you as the expert; the authority; the only person they trust in your field or industry.

Benefits to Hiring a Freelance Writer

Save Time

Whether you started a blog and gave up because you didn’t have the time to be consistent, or you didn’t know how to get started, a freelance writer can provide you with fresh content on a regular basis. This frees you to invest time in other aspects of your business. I can blog weekly or monthly

Increase Traffic

It takes some time to build traffic to your website through blogging. It’s often why website owners fail to continue with their blogging efforts. They know it will pay off in the long run, but they have 1,900 other things to do, and blogging doesn’t give instant results. Hiring a freelance blog writer gives you consistent content that drives traffic. I can also manage social media accounts to help drive traffic to your site.

What I’ll Provide


I’ll deliver as much communication as you need from me. You’ll always know the status of your content or project. We can communicate by email, Skype or phone on a daily or weekly basis depending on the urgency of your project.

Understanding and Listening

While I’ll provide my expertise in SEO practices and blogging, you’re the boss. I’ll listen to your expectations as well as the desires that drive your business and provide content that fits in with what you’d like for your clients and customers.

Competitor Evaluation

Diving into your business is my goal. That means understanding your competition and colleagues in the industry. I’ll help you see what works for them, and what will work for you.

Partnering in Your Business

I spent years creating content for clients in a ghostwriting capacity, and I often wished I could provide consultation services for their businesses. If I see something wrong with your website or your content approach, I can’t remain silent! While you’re free to ignore my advice, I’ll be compelled to provide it to you.

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