How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Twitter

Twitter is a great way to connect with your target audience. According to the social media powerhouse, they have 320 million active monthly users, odds are that your audience is hanging out on Twitter. The biggest problem with Twitter is the way people are using it. You can’t expect to connect with your audience if you’re not putting time into your marketing.

Tell Twitter Users Who You Are

Whether it’s explaining your loves and dislikes or telling people about your business, you have to create a Twitter account with the right amount of personalization. Your professional image will suffer if you leave this information blank. List your professional services, talk about your expertise, or clue people in to what makes your company special. You can add hashtags to your description, so your potential audience can find you, too. Make sure you’re giving people a reason to follow you by choosing a great description.

Add a Profile Picture

There’s nothing worse than that default egg on your Twitter profile. Many Twitter users won’t follow you back if you haven’t taken the time to replace that egg. Whether you add a logo or a professional headshot depends on your business. Think about your branding across platforms to decide which is best for your business.

The Header Photo

When you create a Twitter account, you should add a header photo. Recently, Twitter expanded the header photo space for the profile page. You’ll want to create a header that’s at least 1500 x 500px – if you’d like to keep Twitter from resizing it. When creating your own header, you don’t need professional Photoshop skills. Canva is a great way to create your own header. Along with a template for Twitter, they have templates for a variety of social media platforms like Facebook, too.

Include Links

Don’t forget to include links to your website or other social media platforms. While you want to connect on Twitter with your audience, you need to provide them with a way to learn more about you and your business. Place a link in the box especially for that purpose, or it can be added to the description box. Hopefully, they’ll head to your website to learn more about you.

When you create a Twitter account, it’s important to include a description, profile picture and links to your website. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how to gain followers and the proper etiquette for sharing, retweeting and starting conversations.

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    1. I feel like that about Facebook. I’ve seen more business-related posts being shared and discussed on Twitter than other platforms in my experience.

    1. Oh hashtags. Love them! I’ll be writing more tomorrow on other aspects of Twitter including how to find people in your niche by using them.

      I’m so glad it was helpful to you!

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