How to Get More Followers on Twitter

Once you’ve set up your Twitter account, added your profile picture, and filled out the description, you’ll need to start following people. To gain more followers, you have to follow others and join in on conversations. You don’t gain Twitter followers by purchasing them through people that advertise for that service. Even if you receive the followers they promise (which is highly doubtful), you’re not gaining an audience that will interact with your business in a meaningful way.

Really, just stay away from those scammy types.

How to Gain Twitter Followers

If you want to learn how to get more followers on Twitter, you have to find people in your niche. For example, let’s say you’re selling candy. (I have another post with a candy example. It’s been on my brain, what can I say?) You’ll want to think of people who would enjoy your product. You might be thinking, “Well, everyone loves candy, so why should I be selective?” I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like candy, either, but you’ll have to focus on people who will interact with your brand.

Oh, wait. People who are into health and fitness, dieters and diabetics. Those are three examples of people who might not like candy. These people wouldn’t be your target audience. While you can follow them, they are less likely to follow you back.

Once you consider your audience, the next step is to come up with some keywords that might be in their profile or feed. For a candy shop, a good keyword might be chocolate. Twitter has a search function that will let you put in keywords or topics and search for users, accounts, photos, and videos with that keyword. This is where you’ll find users who are mentioning chocolate.

To follow them, simply hit the follow button. You don’t have to introduce yourself or have a conversation with them, yet.

Another easy way to follow a bunch of people in your niche is to find the influencers and high profile accounts. Those accounts will have a ton of followers. This hack will help you gain Twitter followers quicker than waiting for people to find you.

Gain More Twitter Followers

As you can see, Chocolate Week has over 21,000 followers. If you click the heading that reads followers on their profile, you can see all the people who have an interest in this company/celebration. Go on a following spree to gather followers who clearly love chocolate.

Providing Content for the Followers Gained on Twitter

Once you start gaining followers back from your happy clicking, you’ll want to provide content for them to see. You can start this by adding blog posts or pages from your website, but make sure you’re sharing other content as well. When companies and people are completely self-promotional, it can be a turn-off for Twitter users. Sharing other people’s content should fit within your niche and provide value for your audience in some way, though. Don’t post much about things that are off-topic.

When you see items in your news feed that you believe your audience would like to read, don’t be afraid to retweet it. Others will probably retweet your content, too. When they do, you can thank them with a message or hit the heart button. It’s best to have a conversation with people, though, so unless you’re super busy, you want to type an actual message.

Helpful Apps When You Starting Gaining Twitter Followers

One of the hardest parts of Twitter is the news feed, which seems to scroll by at lightning speed. You’d have to have superhuman reading abilities to keep up with that. For my Twitter sanity, I use Tweetdeck. It allows you to segment your stream into columns based on hashtags, lists, or friends. How you choose to segment your feed is personal preference. Some people enjoy Hootsuite for their social media needs. I can’t recommend it one way or the other since I’ve only ever used Tweetdeck.

Buffer is another app I love to use for social media.

buffer for twitter followers

When I’m cruising the web, I can share articles and news with my followers without having to log into Twitter. Chrome has an add-on for Buffer that allows you to schedule tweets with just a few clicks. The app keeps the links and messages for distribution throughout the day based on the schedule you choose in the settings.

After you start following other accounts, you’ll immediately see the need for an app to sort the important messages from people you enjoy and want to read into columns. It makes it much easier to interact in a meaningful way with others in your niche, too.

Like I mentioned, I love Tweetdeck, but it’s been my go-to app since the beginning of my Twitter experience. Anyone have other suggestions for apps they love? Make your recommendations in the comments below! I’m always willing to try apps I’ve never heard of before.

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