How to Find Quality Freelance Writers

After spending some time creating your own content, you begin to realize that content creation is a whole lot of writing, but it also takes hours and hours of planning as well as finding the right sources to link before the writing even begins. If you want to bring consistent content to your audience, that’s hours for each post or piece of writing that you produce. If you want content three times a week, you could end up working full-time just to produce for your audience.

“I need to learn how to find quality freelance writers!”

If you’ve come to the realization that you’d rather focus on other aspects of your business and hire a writer to fulfill your content needs, it’s definitely the right time to hire a writer. But where do you find them?

The Internet has plenty of quality freelance writers, but there are also subpar writers out there, so it can be tough to weed through them to find one that is perfect for your business. Before you hop onto Google and type in “hire freelance writers” you’ll need to decide what attributes are important in your writer. It’s a given that they should have proper grammar and the ability to write, but there’s more to a writer than the ability to produce words on paper.

Those to Avoid


You want a freelance writer who is interested in your business. She should ask questions to learn as much as possible about you as well as your business. If he doesn’t ask or seems disinterested, that’s not a writer you want. They have to be genuinely curious about your business, competitors, and audience to write content that will appeal to your customers or clients.

Misses Deadlines

Often, you are hiring a writer because of your own missed content deadlines. You plan to write content but days and weeks get away from you while you promise to write more. You don’t want to hire a writer that continues that trend for you. See how the writer does with a small assignment before hiring him for more consistent work.

Boring and Uncreative

A writer should create dazzling prose that brings your clients and customers to your website. While every post or case study might not be heaped with awards, it should be interesting, fun, creative, or compelling. This is where a small assignment can help you find the best writer for your business.

Red Flags

  • No testimonials on their writer site
  • Clients leave┬ánegative reviews
  • They’re unresponsive to emails and inquiries
  • Don’t follow instructions

You’ll need to figure out how the writer will be paid. They often have their own terms. Those terms will be on their writer website, or they’ll mention it during the first phone call. If not, you’ll need to have a conversation about payment. Freelance writers are paid by the word (less common), by the article or post, hourly rates, or an ongoing fee. Determine how much content you want. That will dictate the terms that will work for you.

Before hiring a freelance writer, it’s best to have a conversation with them. This will tell you a lot about their work process and whether they take their role seriously. If it takes a long time to return an email, respond to an inquiry, or they don’t follow simple instructions, it’s time to move on to another freelance writer.

2 thoughts on “How to Find Quality Freelance Writers

  1. Well written! Writing takes a lot more time, effort, skill, and research than most people realize. A good writer is a necessity when creating compelling business content. Producing on-time is essential. What’s the point of hiring a writer that can’t produce the needed content on time? You’re no better off!

    1. Exactly, Jonathan.

      A business owner might have a problem with procrastination or not being able to produce their content on time. If the writer does the same, there’s no point to hiring a writer. Writers are supposed to be helping business owners, not hindering them and taking money for it.

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