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It might seem crazy for me to recommend that business and blog owners steer clear of content mills since they gave me a start in my freelance writing career. But I’ve experienced and seen first-hand the behind-the-scenes of these sites. They are filled with writers who have never written a professional word. The work isn’t being edited with any consistency, either.

Occasionally, there are writers who are entering the site at the wrong level. There’s a chance you might get content riddled with errors that you’ll then have to edit yourself. Let’s face it, if you could write and edit, you likely wouldn’t need to hire a writer. To find freelance writers that can write stellar content, avoid these sites.


This site is filled with people who don’t have much experience writing for the business world. They are often desperate for work, so they’re willing to work for $2 per hour. While this might seem like a great deal, you’ll get what you pay for on this site. Anyone willing to work for $2 per hour will have to churn out subpar work to make a living. You’ll suffer for it.


Good writers who write for content mills do exist. They usually want easy money on the side when they have a full-time day job. I knew of a great writer once who wrote high level content and donated the money to charity, but those writers nearly always stay away from iWriter. Writers will take your assignment and produce content based on your instructions. You’ll be able to pick the one that best suits what you need. Admittedly, this will give you many choices, but many of the choices you’ll get will need to be edited extensively.


If you’re looking for a writer that you can build a relationship with, you might be considering Craigslist. There are often job postings there that result in actual jobs with great employees but that might be the rare case. There are better boards to find freelance writers than Craigslist where anyone can apply for the job.

Where to Find Freelance Writers

Job Boards

The best job boards are ones that cater specifically to freelance writers. They won’t often be hanging out on Craigslist to find work. They’ll be congregating on sites like Problogger if they specialize in blogging, or JournalismJobs for those who specialize in writing for newspapers.


One of the best places to find prospects for your content needs is with LinkedIn. It’s the professional equivalent of Facebook and will allow you to see the writer’s experience and a bit of their personality before you even make a connection through email.

The site that you choose to find a freelance writer doesn’t often vet the people who apply. You’ll still need to qualify the prospect before hiring them to write your next piece of content.


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