How to Hire a Blogger: 7 Questions to Ask

In a previous post, I wrote about four reasons to start blogging for your business. This time, I’ll be discussing how to hire a blogger for your company’s website.

Hiring a blogger for your business is a huge step and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Many business owners check their budget and hire the first writer who comes in under that budget. That won’t bring you the best results for your blogging efforts. The content has to be compelling in some way that helps you connect with your audience.

While a good blog can generate traffic, a badly-written blog can be a huge detriment to your bottom line. Aside from the budget considerations, how do you hire a blogger for your business? You have to ask them the right questions to ensure you get the best writer that will fulfill your needs.

1. What do you know about my target audience?

The writer should understand your audience before creating content for your website. If they don’t understand who you are targeting, they can’t have a conversation that resonates with your audience.

2. Do you have your own blog?

A blogger should love to blog. This means they should have a blog that is updated regularly, even if that is once a month. Often, a writer who loves to blog will have more than one.

3. What other blogs have you contributed to?

Bloggers love to blog. They’ll guest blog on other websites, too, so it’s a good idea to see what other blogs they’ve contributed their knowledge.

4. Do you understand copyright laws and attribution?

If you expect the blogger to find relevant pictures for the completed blog posts, they’ll need to understand attribution and creative commons licenses to be sure they’re attributing the images correctly. You could be liable for any mistakes they make.

5. What process do you use to check grammar and spelling?

Unless you plan to edit their work, you’ll need them to be their own editors. No writer should be editing their own work without the help of another person or software to ensure that the work is near-perfect.

6. How will we keep in touch?

You don’t want to hire a blogger who disappears for days or weeks at a time. While they are not an employee, you are hiring them for reliable service. They should have a process in place for communication that will work for both of you.

7. Can you name one specific improvement you would make to better my blog?

Whether it’s SEO keywords related to your industry, increasing traffic, or adding beautiful images to the content of your website, the writer should be interested in the success of your blog.

Often, a good blogger will have assessed your website before your first meeting, so she can tell you what you need to improve upon to gain traffic or customers, depending on your goal.

These questions should help you determine whether a blogger is right for you. You should feel comfortable and confident that he or she will be able to craft great content for your audience.

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