Google Search Image Ranking

When you’re running a business that relies on Google traffic, which is most businesses on the Internet, you’ll be concerned with ways to bring in traffic. Garnering links can be a lot of work. It’s worth the work since it’ll improve your search rankings, but there are different ways to bring in traffic. The traffic you bring to your site should be focused and relevant to your business. This can be done with image optimization.

For example, if you have a picture of Mariah Carey whipping up batter for a cake because your site focuses on recipes, you want that image to bring in traffic looking for recipes. If you’ve given it a save name that focuses on Mariah, you’ll only get people who want information on her. This is why optimization is key. Not all traffic is focused or relevant to your site, and that can lead to high bounce rates and traffic that isn’t engaged.

Good Ranking is Tough

It can be tough to find the right keywords for your image, but using image search rankings has less competition than other ways to rank your website. It’s vital that you’re able to optimize the images in a way that brings in relevant traffic. This means you should consider your keywords first before your content or images.

Long Tail Keywords

You could use a descriptive word like Mariah to describe the above image, but a better keyword would be something related to the recipe. A keyword like “Mariah cake batter recipe” would bring in traffic looking for a cake batter recipe. Long tail keywords are the key to traffic. They’re more targeted to the audience you want, and you have a better chance of ranking with them instead of using general, non-specific keywords that everyone is trying to rank.

Key Elements to Ranking

Image File Name
When you save the image to your computer or upload it to your website, the file name should describe the photo. It shouldn’t say recipe or a random number generated by your camera. It should be descriptive with your keywords.

When someone hovers over the image, they’ll get the title. That should also be descriptive.

Alt Text
When the image doesn’t load, the alt text will appear. Keywords are vital for Google here.

This will only be visible to you and the website platform itself. Choose what you want here.

Image Size
The image should load quickly on your site. Use the image size you want on your site instead of using the largest size possible and allowing the platform to resize it. This makes it load much slower. Resize the image yourself.

Why Worry About Image Optimization?

SEO services help you rank your website and compete with others in your niche or industry. When you can have a leg up on the competition, that could mean higher rankings, more customers and more sales. This translates into cash for your business.

If you don’t have the time to optimize your images, you shouldn’t ignore them. The biggest key to optimization is picking the right keywords and image to bring in traffic. A professional can help if you don’t have the time or understanding to rank images properly.

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