Car Accident Lawyer

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Your involvement in a car accident can be traumatic enough, but you might also need to contact a car
accident lawyer to prevent more suffering later. An attorney can help you recover damages from the
loss of your car and the cost of medical bills. He or she can help you cut through the confusion
associated with the insurance company forms, too.

Most slight accidents are never reported while other smaller accidents are handled through the
insurance company directly. However, according to the U. S. Department of Transportation, there were
a reported 2.3 million people injured in motor vehicle crashes in 2014. Accidents with serious injuries
and damage require the help of a car accident lawyer who has experience dealing with these cases.

What is a Car Accident Lawyer?

A lawyer who specializes in car accidents will handle dozens of cases involving loss of money due to
days off work, doctor and hospital expenses as well as vehicle repairs. The lawyer can also handle
accidents that resulted in a fatality to your loved one. If your loved one was killed through the fault of
someone else due to drunk driving or speeding, a car accident lawyer will be able to bring the other
person to justice and have you compensated for your loss.

How Do I Know if I Need a Lawyer?

Often, you might not need a lawyer at all. If you’ve been in a small accident with little to no damage,
you wouldn’t need the services of a lawyer. These accidents can be resolved with no involvement of the
police or the court system, either. On the other hand, you will need a lawyer if you’ve had to pay money
out of your pocket or lost money due to the negligence or criminal behavior of someone else.

When to Contact an Attorney

It’s always best to hire an attorney early in the process before making decisions that could cost you
money. There are deadlines for filing that should be considered, too. Personal injury claims have a
filing deadline that varies with each state. You don’t want to wait until too much time has passed. Never
settle with the insurance company without contacting an attorney.

How to Find the Best Car Accident Lawyer

The best lawyers for a car accident have experience dealing with cases just like yours. You could get
referrals from family or friends if you know someone who had a similar experience. Make sure you
have all the documents needed to show the lawyer during that first meeting. He or she would need to
see your insurance policy information, documents on the other driver, police reports and medical

The First Meeting with a Lawyer

Along with the documents, you’ll want to enter the lawyer’s office with a list of questions to find a
lawyer that you feel comfortable with to fight for you. Even with referrals, you can ask the lawyer how
much of their practice is car accident cases. you can also ask if they typically settle the cases they
handle. It’s always best to find out how much of the lawyer’s fee you’ll have to pay yourself. The initial
visit might be free, but you should always know what you’ll be charged during the case.

Fees and Charges by the Attorney for Your Case

Some lawyers work on contingency. They will often pay all the fees and costs until you settle or win
the case. After a win, the lawyer will take a certain percentage of your settlement. Often, if the lawyer
doesn’t win, they don’t get paid. This is common for many car accident lawyers. Any contract you sign
with the attorney will have a detailed structure on fees and costs associated with your case. It’ll mention
how much they’ll expect of your settlement if you win. Make sure you’re clear about the costs and fees
associated with hiring a car accident lawyer.