Learning How to Save Energy: Start Small

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If you’re thinking about how to save energy and cut down on your monthly utility bills, you should consider these tips that will reduce the energy consumption in your home.

Unplug Appliances Not in Use

There are appliances in your home right now that are drawing power while you’re not using them. These energy vampires are consuming energy that isn’t needed. According to Energy.gov, the average cell phone charger that isn’t in use can consume .26 watts of energy. Your cable box is sucking up 17.83 watts. While those amounts seem small, think about how many other appliances you have plugged in like the computer, microwave, DVR, coffee pot, and CD player. If you start shutting them off when they’re not in use, you can save hundreds on your electric bill each year.

Cover Windows with Thick Curtains

Much of the heating and cooling in your home escapes through your windows. This is especially true in older homes that don’t have energy efficient windows. For those who want to learn how to save energy, you’d want to upgrade to double or triple pane windows. That might not be possible, so you should consider the window treatments to keep the heating and cooling inside the home. In the summer, thick curtains will block the punishing rays of the sun, which can heat up the home as well as fade furnishings. In the winter, air can slip into the home through any small cracks. A thick curtain will provide a barrier to keep energy costs down. You won’t spend as much on heating and cooling when the system is working efficiently.

Lowering Water Costs

When it comes to hot water costs, one of the biggest consumers of energy is the water used for showers. By cutting down your time in the shower from 20 minutes to 10, you can save hundreds each year. If you lower the temperature from 140 to 120 degrees, you’ll save money, too. Along with cutting down on shower time, don’t let the water run in the sink while you’re brushing your teeth. Gallons of water are wasted with this practice. You can easily use the water to wet your toothbrush, shut the water off and brush your teeth before turning on the tap again.

Learning how to save energy is an ongoing process. You can implement small changes to lower your utility bills before considering bigger changes like new windows.